At SLP Engineering, Building Services Specialist, we provide a unique approach to our Clients’ requirement – for us Engineering is an art where we first delineate the concept design to meet the Architect and Client vision and requirements, and thereafter detail the systems with accuracy and precision, for the instruction and guidance of the execution team.

This, without detriment to codes, quality and safety while having a close monitoring on the costs.

SLP’s multifaceted approach has led the group to be part of the professional team on prestigious projects in different international territories.


Our determined approach is designed to conceptualize your requirements in the best suited manner.
Our experienced squad of designers apply their in-depth knowledge, expertise and latest technology to develop customized designs to suit your requirements without compromising the importance of safety, meeting relevant codes, cost-control and physical operation/execution


We stand tall as designers with trust, competency and proud history .                                                                                     
Our defined approach as designers enables us to see through both visible and invisible dimensions. We ensure all the Building services requirements are fulfilled to meet client’s expectation while ensuring compliance to the industrial and statutory standards.


Building Services Contracting is the process of giving life to the structures to unveil your precious dreams towards a lively environment

We are well-recognized contactors in the region for wide range of Building Services such as

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).

Water, water treatment, drainage and plumbing.

Energy supply (gas, electricity and renewable sources).

Fire safety, detection and protection.

Lighting (natural and artificial).

Information and communications technology (ICT) networks.

Security and alarm systems.


We value the importance of your pressing need for regular and emergency Building Services maintenance work .                                         

The distinct blend of extensive experience of the industry, building services and most talented skilled cadre give us the unsurpassed edge in handling your day-to-day and routine maintenance needs.

Kms of cables installed
Kms of pipes installed
Tonnage of ACs installed

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Our corporate culture is driven by values which are embedded in our personnel, processes, operation and networks.

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